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These dudes are being RECYLED. .. right along with the Girls -_-


It always seems that True colors come out over a breakup! I cant say love triangle so we’ll go with the love circle between Nelly, Ashanti, LaShonte Heckard, Brandon Jennings just continues to grow!

Just yesterday Teyana Taylor dropped a tracked named “Sorry” , and the sound of the lyrics tells us it was inspired by no one other than her ex-fiancé Brandon Jennings. The singer was in an on-and -off relationship for over four years with the Detroit Pistons player before they called it quits. Brandon was then a free agent and couldn’t wait to proul on Teyana’s  “fake friend” LaShontae Heckard shortly after.

This week, Teyana’s REAL friends spoke up for her and called LaShontae out on her Hoe-characteristics….

A male friend of Teyana’s posted in LaShontae’s comment section:

Wait??? Wasnt you and @teyanataylor just together in LA?? This is crazy .  This is why teyana be pissin me off ! Because She  speak so highly of b—– like you calling you her “SIS” and then you do sh-t like  this behind her back smfh and you know that’s her ex-fiance ! Foh [f-ck outta  here] everybody knows that!


Another friends 2 sense:

Oh…… I get it. So I’m guessing, your playing the role you played in keyshia Cole’s “trust and believe” video, in real  life now huh?………….. @teyanataylor ‘s my bestfriend; if I recall when her  GLC sneakers released you were one of the first females to get a sneaker sent  out to you. And it f-cks me up in the head to see how your in a photo cuffin with her ex fiance.  EVERYONE INCLUDING YOU knew the relationship Teyana and brandon. Not for  nothing, it’s expected by  Brandon desert thirsty a–, but  how much of a loyal friend are you……….? I keep telling you @teyanataylor  stop  trusting everyone

On top of all that! A few weeks ago, before hooking up with LaShontae, Brandon posted that Teyana’s  close friend Karrueche was his #WCW on IG! Sounds like somebody feelings is hurt so he out to reveal all your fake friends!

I guess sluts can be pretty too!

Brandon posted this a few weeks ago on Instagram with Teyana

Engagement ring in this photo


She in it for the Lifestyle!!


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