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It looks like another sexual assault case has hit the fan!! According to NY Daily News, former New York Knicks star Larry Hughes is being questioned  by NYPD as part of a sexual assault investigation at the Trump SoHo in NYC, and now Daily News reports Hughs is the suspect!

The report says Hughes met the alleged victim at Green house nightclub late Thursday evening and walked to the Trump SoHo together at 4am.

The report states Hughes was taken out of the Trump SoHo in handcuffs earlier today..

For those wondering about the accuser, she was a 22-year-old-tenderoni!! Documents state she went to the hospital after the sexual assault and told the doctor she was raped.. .

TIP: We were told Hughes  is the majority owner of the Greenhouse nightclub and has taken over all  operations from previous owner/operator Barry Mullineaux who resigned back in January. Multiple calls have been made to NYPD, Trump SoHo and Larry Hughes himself , and no one is saying a word.





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