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“I will never let a man rob me of my honesty in Life..”
You gotta love an Honest man!

For those of you who haven’t seen or heard an August Alsina interview will quickly grow to learn he sugar coats nothing! So with a shock (but not really), this week when he snapped during his guest appearance on 106th and Park after he was asked about Trey Songz.

According to the singer he made it CLEAR not to ask him about the rumored beef between him and Trey, but Keisha Chante asked about it anyway, and got put in Place! Lol! He reacted in a real ni**a way..

On Thursday, the New Orleans R&B singer finally gave his side of the story during a sit-down with Sway In The Morning. He revealed:

I was played, man. Here’s the thing. I look like the bad guy right now because of how I have been portrayed. Really, people don’t know. First off let me say, I ain’t no b-tch, I ain’t no hoe, I ain’t no p-ssy, I ain’t no pushover. None of the above. So nobody… don’t play with me! Like, lead me to believe something that it is not. If you tell me we ain’t gon talk about this when I ask you…You lied right to my face! So don’t blindside me!

So it’s like, all of us, we are going to war around this motherf–ker, with each other. We all on the same squad and then as soon as we get out there bustin’ at ni–as, ya’ll just start shooting at me, “Boom, boom!” So you gotta prepared for me to bust back at you if you don’t kill me. And that’s what it is! So I was played.

And if you think Alsina is any type of sorry about what he said, He is far from it! In his exact words, “If anybody feel like I disrespected her or whateva, then f**k you too.”


HE don’t play that!! Check out the footage below:


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