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The Kardashians visited their Thailand holiday home while filming for the new season of Keeping Up With The kardashians.

The family was spotted soaking up the sunshine and taking a bunch of selfies… a Kardashian vacay wouldn’t be complete with out it, right? However, the infamously vain family also took the time out of their family vacation to spend a couple hours at an orphanage in Thailand.


Kim and Khloe kardashian passed out several hugs to little girls and weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty in a little paint to place her handprints on the wall.

See more photos of the Kardashian/Jenner clan below….

kim-kardashian-orphanage-thailand-vacation kim-kardashian-orphanage-thailand-vacation


khloe-kardashian-bikini-photo-thailand-vacation Kim-kardashian-bikini-photo-thailand-vacation Kim-kardashian-bikini-photo-thailand-vacation kardashians-kuwtk-family-vacation-thailand kardashians-kuwtk-family-vacation-thailand-3 kardashians-kuwtk-family-vacation-thailand-jenners Khloe-kardashian-bikini-body-kuwtk-family-vacation-thailand-jenners Khloe-kardashian-bikini-body-kuwtk-family-vacation-thailand-jennerskhloe-kardashian-bikini-photo-thailand-vacation




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