As you know our statewide network of websites reaches over 30,000,000 viewers monthly.  The most prominent of these sites is, which reaches roughly 20,000,000 monthly viewers on its owns.
We also have,,,, and sites for a few other major US states/cities.

Each Welcome 2 statewide site is comprised of daily news an entertainment section, a social networking section for conversing with friends, family and other people within the particular state/city, and a section to listen to new music from independent artists within the particular state/city.

There are numerous sources of product placement within our statewide networks which we use to increase artist sales and brand awareness.

1. Home page Slider 960×480
2. Home page Top Ad 728×60
3. Home page Right Side Ad 300×250
4. Home page Mid Right Side Ad 160×600
5. Welcome2CaliTv Homepage Video Ad 310×200
6. W2 Models Homepage Photo Feature 320×300
7. Hot Spots Feature 315×302
8. Song of the Week 320×180
9. W2 Rising Stars Feature 315×302
10. Welcome 2 Cali Live 320×180
11. Featured Article (1000 words maximum)

All sources of product placement on our Welcome 2 Statewide sites are daily paid features which we commercially lease out regularly to the public.

Thank you for submitting your video to our website. Send video submissions to ( Include in your submission the title, description, and the video url. (Upload video to All video submissions will get proper credit if accepted.

By submitting your video, you are representing to Welcome 2 Cali that you have all necessary rights in the video to authorize our use and reuse of the audio and visual material it contains, that your submission of the video is governed by our On Line Video Submission Agreement, and that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions of that Agreement.

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