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Beyonce and Jay Z are looking to relocate to the West Coast for good…

Can you blame ’em?! It all started after the ‘On The Run’ couple spent this summer leasing a mansion in Homby Hills for $200,00 a month.  The couple enjoyed it so much that they’re eyeing property in Cali, specifically an insane $85 million dollar estate in swanky, Beverly Hills.

Sources close to the Carters tell us they are leaning towards the 23,000 sq ft. estate in Bev Hills. It features panoramic views of Malibu and downtown L.A., 8-bedrooms, 15-bathrooms, an attached 16-car garage, infinity pool, wine cellar, and a 24-seat movie theater.

Are you excited for the Carters to move to L.A.?

Leave us your comments below!

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