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Crenshaw, Adams, Slauson, thats just a few of the streets Jhene Aiko used to run as a pre-teen and in her adolesence.

I know you’re pro baby thinking…. “Who? Not Jhene Aiko ….the pretty little blasian from LA….” yep she used to be a bad ass, running through the streets of LA.

In an interesting interview with Ebro on Hot 97, Jhene confessed to allot of things that we honestly didn’t know about her.  At the tender age of 12 she had already experienced drugs and alcohol and realized that she needed help. She also was signed to a major record deal by the time she turned 12 and toured on the “Scream Tour” with IMX aka Immature.

Jhene attributes most of her rougher days to being the youngest sibling of 5, feeling like she always had something to prove. But now Jhene is all grown up and has evolved into a beautiful young lady. Her persona is totally opposite from her younger immature days, she’s all about peace and love.

We applaud Jhene for her honesty and changing her life around towards a more positive direction. We hope this can encourage some of you youngins running the streets of LA right now to get your lives together.

Watch her interview below….


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