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Kobe Bryant surprised us all today when we showed up to speak at a peace rally for Trayvon Martin on Crenshaw.

Just last year the Laker superstar made controversial statements about the Trayvon Martin case expressing that he felt the wide support for Trayvon Martin (including Lebron James and Dwayne Wade’s team in the infamous Miami Heat “hoodie” photo) showed “lack of progress” in the black community.

After receiving a ton of backlash from people all over the net, he later changed his tune and tweeted Trayvon Martin was “wronged” showing his support for him.

This weekend marked the one-year anniversary of George Zimmerman being acquitted in the murder of Trayvon and Kobe made an appearance to speak in support of the Martin family.

See below….


kobe-bryant-speaks-at-trayvon-martin-rally (1)





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