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Celebrities At The Lakers Game
Katt Williams
can’t stay under the radar……

This is the FOURTH time in the past 2 weeks that Katt is in trouble with the law, LAPD is now investigating him for committing a deadly form of assault to an innocent fan.

According to the victim, Glen Jackson says Kat allegedly went A wall and tried to use his Rolls-Royce to run him over after he took an un-announced picture of the comedian at LAX.

The alleged victim, says Katt and his bodyguard got out of the car, yanked his cell phone and pepper sprayed him to no return!

But that’s not all folks, Jackson says after he was assaulted, Katt went on to roll over his leg after spraying him with pepper spray once again before driving off.

Either the victim has one hell of an imagination or Katt has gone crazy again. We like to give Katt the benefit of the doubt but 4 run ins in 2 weeks is indicating a problem.


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