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Sometimes sorry doesn’t help….. Roin Thicke is learning that first hand!

The R&B star is pulling out all the stops  in an effort to win back his wife Paula Patton, who left him and filed separation papers back in February.

His latest stop is his latest apology track titled, “Get Her Back“. In the music video, Robin stares the camera down using his best sorry face to beg Paula to take him back but the camera shows a very pissed off Paula Patton look-alike look un-remorseful and keeps her distance in the video while he cries it out.

Robin Thick isn’t hiding that he was clearly in the wrong in their relationship.. in the video he also alludes to cheating as the basis for their demise showing text messages that flat out show their communication exchange.

The text messages read:

P: “You embarrassed me”
R: “I’m sorry”
P: “I can’t make love to you anymore”
R: “I hate myself”
P: “You drink too much.”
R: “Can I come see you?”
P: “It’s too soon”
R:”I wrote a whole album about you.”
P: “I don’t care”
R: How could you do that to me
P: You’re reckless

Watch the music video below….


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