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Jody, I know you love me. I also know you F other girls. I don’t like it, but I know you. So just be real with me. Man, you gone be honest or what?

Jody and Sweat Pea aka Tyrese and Taraji P Henson need to just be together already!

The duo have had undeniable chemistry since the movie “Baby-Boy” but they never admit that they’re more than “friends.” BUT this weekend proved differently as they spent the entire Memorial weekend together!

Photos surface of the couple hanging out in LA on a yacht.  John Singleton was also on board which may be a little hint that there may be talks of a Baby Boy 2 instead of a relationship 🙂
However Tyrese posted a photo of he and Taraji kicking it with the caption:

Kindred spirits ….. Y’all know the movie “The NoteBook”…?? We all wanted them to be together so bad right.??? That’s what this is….. We’re friends for life…… Even when I go 7 months without seeing her…. We’re still friends for life………. Goodnight @tarajiphenson what’s moving in LA tomorrow we tryna make moves……

Check out more photos of the cute couple below!


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