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Uh Oh. ..

The Dream’s latest baby mama is coming forth 7 months later reporting that he abused her while she is pregnant with devastating photos to prove. Tmz obtained photos of Lydia Nam’s injuries and they seem as though they match with her side of the story.

The images show the stylist pregnant with a large bruise on her left arm and scratches to the face and neck. Lydia claims the scratches fro her neck come from Dream choking her an twisting the necklaces she were wearing tightly around her neck. The photos also show scratches an bruises on her wrists, knees, and legs from when he allegedly ragged her by the hair.

The Dream is claiming his innocence saying his baby mama is making the whole thing up in effort to stay in the country. Lydia’s visa is set to expire soon which will result in her being deported back to Canada. FYI a special visa can be granted to immigrants to remain in the U.S. if they’re crime victims and needed in prosecution of the perpetrator.

As for the seven-month wait, Lydia says she kept her mouth shut out of fear for her safety.


After the photos were released, The Dream posted the definition of a…

Claiming his innocence with a message to his fans..

As my mother would say “you’ve taken my sweetness as a weakness” I feel sorry for whoever has to live without Love in their heart. Yet I might smile to keep from crying, that hurt isn’t caused by one thing or one person it’s caused by the others who choose to speak at me as if I am worthless. I gave my whole life to all of you through myself and others. I have sang you to sleep, I have sang at your weddings, I’ve empowered women through words and through others, on top of that my LOVE for the woman period is infinite, my only fear I carry is my Mother Reva M Nash looking down on me and being [ashamed] of me. If I have no life outside of music it’s because I’ve given almost everything to you, I would give any and everyone the shirt off of my back. Retain the sympathy I picked this life so I am fine with the non sympathizing , I am blessed and I have seen things others can only dream of and I know I am fortunate. My mind and heart is clear and I will not retreat and I will not Kneel to the face of Injustice .When the light shines on these days in the near future I will welcome you all back with open arms so you can understand what love is. I’ve already forgiven you. #FreeDream #black #under-attack #CONSIDERTHESOURCE #LOYALTY #PROONYX










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