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I Ain’t SnitchN on Myself

Chris Brown admitted to a probation violation Friday in the Rihanna case an Mark Geragos is hear to clear it up and tell us tells us Chris did NOT confess to his assault case. Geragos says all Brown admitted to was him violation probation in D.C. –he was not more specific.

He also says there was no way the D.C. prosecutor could use Brown’s admission as a confession, because the standard of proof in criminal case is much higher than in a probation hearing.

Geragos says he merely told the Rihanna judge it’s “more likely than not” that Chris screwed up in D.C.  In a criminal trial, the prosecutor must show Chris screwed up beyond a reasonable doubt.

As some of you know  Chris was ordered to serve another 131 days in jail for the probation violation …but with some of his time served and jail overcrowding, he could get out in a matter of days.


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