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An Ex for an Ex!!

Sooo Ashanti fire a** decided to upload some tasteful farewell photos on instagram to Nelly. The  thirst trap photos consisted of herself posing in a string bikini bottom in a pool courtesy of Keva J.

In one of the sexy shots she posted under the caption,

” Every once in a while ya come across 1 of the good ones… #rarebreed #bravehaeart


This is all coming from  Floyd Mayweather’s sister spilling the beans about the singer. According to Fannie, Ashanti was chilling at their mother’s house in a post-fight party thrown by Floyd’s family.





I Guess two can play that game since Nelly is now with Floyd’s ex fiance’, Miss Jackson.  Still, this whole thing is getting messier than best friends in high school fighting over a boy! Grow up and upgrade your self to someone NO-One has had!! Lolz

You know what they say… you find out if your girls a ho* after the breakup! #Trueeeeeeeee

Ashanti KillN in another photo in Las Vegas





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