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GET THIS!! Former NFL player James Hardy III (a 2nd round pick in 2008) ram-sacked three police officers Sunday during a violent arrest in L.A.  The police tell us cops were called to an apartment complex in downtown L.A. around 4:30 pm.. and when they arrived to the scene Hardy refused to “cooperate”..

We were informed that Hardy got aggressive and attacked the officers injuring at least 3 policeman. With the former wide receiver who played for the Bills and the Ravens standing 6’6 and weighing 225, the feds TAZED his a**!!!!!!!! lol… too bad it didn’t help much…

Several other officers were able to take the Hulk (Hardy) into custody and he was arrested for  felony obstruction of justice. Hardy was later  transported to a hospital.  Law enforcement think Hardy was under the influence at the time of the incident.

Well acting up 4:30 PM may have had a little to do with an early turn up! Turn Down 4whaat?!!




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