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Thank God for chicken!

Rapper T.I was on a chicken run at the Popeyes on Labrea in Inglewood, Cali when he witnessed a cab run into an SUV which ended up flipping over.
T.I. being the good samaritan that he is ran to the rescue of the SUV and apparently the driver was more excited about meeting Tip than her injuries.

When she looked up and saw  the famous ATLien, TMZ reports she asked,

“Is that T.I.?”

The woman in the SUV was apparently upside down, and for some reason, not wearing any underwear. T.I. was nothing but a gentleman, assuring her,

“Don’t worry, we won’t look.”

The rapper reportedly stayed with the woman until an ambulance arrived, and then T.I. was on his way, choosing to hit up a different Popeye’s because “that one had too much going on.” The woman is reportedly doing okay.



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