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Only Positivity Surrounding Me

Selena Gomez has decided to drop her former besties Kendal and Kylie Jenner because she rather focus on whats really important.. which is MUSIC and she believes the girls have become nothing but a total distraction…

Resources tell us, Selena came to her senses after Coachella last week where she was surrounded by drugs and alcohol while hanging out with the Jenner girl’s, Justin Bieber, and all there tag alongs.

Word on the street is that Selena is sick of the same O’l club pill popp’N scene! So shes decided to cut out all the negativity in her life so she can progress!… which means excluding the Jenner girls !

Selena made the break up official, and public … by unfollowing Kendall and Kylie on Instagram. She also deleted all her Coachella selfies with the sisters.

The deletion of pics continued … with Bieber and a bunch of others getting dropped, and as of now she’s currently following ZERO people!

(As a Leader should!! )

We’re told Selena is determined to stay focused on music  AND, get this … going to CHURCH almost daily!!!

Sounds like Selena is cutting off all the right loose ends in her life and maturing wisely! You Just Out Grow Some People!!






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