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Just Call Me Slick Rick!!

Beyonce’s no good daddy — the one that cheated on her mother– the onetime millionaire manager of Destiny’s Child — just got a pass from a judge on his child support obligation! …due to him grossly overpaying in the past??!!!     ( Whaaaaaaat !!! )

Well … baby mama Alexsandra Wright has been dragging Mathew Knowles in and out of court for months! Accusing him of NOT paying his child support payments for their 3-year-old son…

( This is NOT what she got pregnant for!!)
Matthew  had been ordered to pay Wright $12K a month as of Feb. 2013 … but a few weeks ago, he got a judge to reduce his payments  to $2,485 a month!! Claiming his income had reduced as well.

( Ha! pretty slick)

Sources familiar with the case tell us … Knowles just made a touchdown AGAIN, convincing the judge he’s been OVER-PAYING all along . With his argument being he should only have been paying $2,485/month … which totals out to an overpayment of $110K and on top of that… the judge agreed with the overpayment!

Straight up… Knowles got off the hook! He wont have to pay Wright a PENNY for the NEXT 3-and -a half years. Wright promises to continue to continue her fight…and not only that but Wright’s been receiving $300 in food stamps!

Booncey’ daddy besta watch out before them Welfare Officials come after him.. We’re told he’ll probably give her Something beginning this summer.


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