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the Game & Tiff


The games look like they may have finally ended between Tiffany Cambridge and her former fiancée Jaceyon (The Game) after things got a little too heated in an argument between the two, reports were made that Tiffany was attacked by the rapper.

We have learned that the Compton rapper has been ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from his ex-fiancée.

Tiffney Cambridge obtained the restraining order against Game on April 2nd, restricting him from having any contact with her whatsoever …there’s a court hearing later this month.

The judge is allowing Game to see his kids on the weekends.

Cambridge filed a police report against Game, claiming he got violent with her during a March 19th argument. Sources close to Cambridge told us Game broke her nose, but Game denied ever laying a finger on her.

Sounds good but it doesn’t add up!

Police are still investigating.


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