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Don’t mess with any of the Kardashians….

You mess with one… you mess with them all! Joan Rivers should have thought twice before she re-enacted Kim Kardashian and Ray J having sex! The spoof was freakn’ hilarious… but the Kardashian’s didn’t take Joan in the bed with Ray-J as a funny joke. We say, Get over it already!!

Funny thing is The Kardashians would have probably been fine with the video if Ray-J didn’t co-star in it…. they just hate the guy’s guts even though he is the one who gave Kim her claim to fame!

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Check out the Joan Rivers spoof below for her new show, ‘Joan knows best’… its hilarious!

kim-kardashian-ray-j-joan-rivers-sex-tape.png-2 kim-kardashian-ray-j-joan-rivers-sex-tape.png-3 kim-kardashian-ray-j-joan-rivers-sex-tape.png-4 kim-kardashian-ray-j-joan-rivers-sex-tape.png-5


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