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Kanye West allegedly attacks paparazzo at LAX

Kanye West messed with the wrong photographer…..

Daniel Ramos, the photographer who Kanye assaulted at LAX last year is not looking for a plea deal… he wants to go full force with an ugly civil suit.

Normally Kanye and other snobby celebs pay to make cases like these disappear… but not this one!

This particular photographer is unfortunately NOT looking to settle for any amount of money but would rather see Kanye in court.

Sounds like Kanye hurt this guys feelings, right?

If we find anything funny from this situation its the laugh we will get after watching his deposition…. Do you think Kanye’s depo will be worse than Bieber’s depo? I mean seriously, could it get any more arrogant?

One things for sure, we bet Kanye will be on his best behavior talking like a nerd as he did with Kris Jenner on her talk show!

Let us know your thoughts below……


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