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If you ever wanted to dress like Kim Kardashian but can’t afford it….listen up!

On a Tumblr page called Ashes Into Fashion, Kim Kardashian’s most die-hard fans have duplicated some of her fashion looks and show others how to do it all at an affordable price…. it’s almost like seeing double!

The blog did such a good job at recreating Kim’s look that it caught Kim’s attention and she wrote about it on her own website:

My fans look amazing!’ added the reality star. ‘Keep posting your lovely pics with the hashtag #KimKOutfits and you might just see your post on my site soon!’

But don’t think the fans stopped at just Kim Kardashian….. the girls also replicated looks from the other Kardashian and Jenner sisters!

Check out more photos of Kardashian doubles below…. and tell us if you would rock any of her outfits!

kim-kardashian-copy-cat kim-kardashian-fashion


kim-kardashian-copy-cat-pants kim-kardashian-leggings

kim-kardashian-fashion-look-alike kim-kardashian-pink-heels-black-pants

kim-kardashian-phone-jumpsuit kim-kardashian-jumpsuit-cheap


kendall-jenner-fashion-look-alike-cheap kendall-jenner-fashion

khloe-kardashian-fashion-cheap-look khloe-kardashian-short-jeans-thigh-high-boots


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