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Smoking is such an UN-attractive habit…..
Looks like LA traffic got the best of Christina Milian! The 32-year-old was caught exhaling some serious smoke out of her car window while sitting in We Ho traffic.
In a state where marijuana is legal…. its not too hard to guess what mysterious substance the singer/actress was smoking!
She’s HOOKED! Shortly after her smoking stint in traffic, Christina posted a photo to social media of her smoking AGAIN but this time on vapors through her ‘platinum e-hooks.’ On Instagram, she posted:

‘They’re inside my purse right now. They’re no-nicotine e-hookahs, I don’t know if it’s usual or unusual … It’s a vapor stick but it doesn’t have nicotine so it’s not like a cigarette. I guess it’s different.”


Lets just hope this e-hookah is helping Christina stop the real deal nicotine and or other drugs! #justsayno #smokingisbad4u

Check out more photos of Christina below….





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