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Remember the r&b girl group, Gyrl?

In case you don’t remember, Japollonia formerly known as Mila J is Jhene Aiko’s big sis.

The Cali girl comes from a very musically-talented family, her other sister Miyoko was apart of the r&b group, Gyrl who toured with Immature and managed by Chris Stokes.

The 30-year-old has made a name for herself in the music industry since the 90’s, evolving from the soft and immature ‘Mila J’ to now changing her name to a more grown up rough-around-the edges ‘Japollonia.’

This week, the singer dropped a new single, ‘Smoke, Drink, Break Up,’ which talks about being in a relationship that’s so bad that the couple have to get high or drunk to even tolerate each other.

Listen below and tell us what you think:


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