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What had happen was……

Rapper Ludacris (aka Luda) is expecting a baby and its not with his long time girlfriend of 5 years, Eudoxie. Its with Tamika Fuller, Luda’s high school sweetheart.

The news of Tamika’s pregnancy came as a surprise to us, but he claims that the baby making activity only happened during the time he and Eudoxie were on break! (wink: I think he took notes from D Wade)

Ludacris already has a 10 year old daughter named Karma from a previous relationship and he’s already making preparation to ensure karma doesn’t come¬†back to hit his pockets financially this time around.

He’s filed documents asking the courts to cap his child support payments to $1,754, claiming he only makes $25k/month….. what a shame! We’ve seen Luda spend more thousands for strippers in ATL and bottle poppin’ in VIP than this child support amount. Even more sad… Luda spends roughly $7,000 a month on lawn care and $5,000 a month on his pets. *smh

We wonder how that will pan out in court being that Forbes has him estimated at $12 million…. you do the math! See Ludacris second baby mama below….



Luda and his girlfriend Eudoxie of 5 years below…



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