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Just So You Know Its Real!

Social networks have become a place where you prove the love you have for your partner by posting romantic love photos of each other. And as of last night, Cassie has confirmed her relationship with Diddy by pampering him with a foot massage in bed. Diddy instagramed the photo with the caption:

“@casandrae was talkin shit on IG earlier! But now dis is later . My Baby and she gives mean foot massage . Lol”

She was probably talking sh-t due to his latest interview where he revealed he is not even close to being ready for marriage!

Will Diddy wife her up?!?


Cassie also shared the Instagram post; “@iamdiddy can be pretty heavy sometimes… emoji This picture is cute to me because I normally sleep on top of him… He really fell asleep like this.”

Ha! Looks like he might be falling in love to me!


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