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This guy is a panty-droppa!

Trey Songs stopped by E!’s Fashion Police this weekend to talk about the new trending styles. While accompanying Joan Rivers, he showered her with kisses as they talked about how his style of fashion developed as a young buck, while dressed in printed pants and a blazer.

With Trey starring in an upcoming movie “Baggage Claim” it was only right for Joan to address his relationship status! However, when she asked if a special woman was in his life, he answered,”A couple

Catch a few highlights of the interview below

On Developing His Sense of Style

I think the details are the most important. When I was young. I wore the biggest pants I could find, big t-shirts and the most gaudy jewelry…like a regular black kid. As I grew older, I learned I’m what they call ‘sample size’ and I take full advantage of that.

On if he’s ever had the chance to see Nicki Minaj’s bottom (Joan references the song they did together “Bottoms Up”)

I think anyone can see Nicki’s bottom from a mile away.

Joan: When she came to work with you, did she come in full drag?

She actually came dressed down. When she came, she was in jeans and a hat. I actually prefer her without everything else.

Trey also talked about how he came up with his stage name and how his mother hated it at first.

The first five or six songs I ever made were on a disc [that] read, ‘Trey’s Songs,’ and I saw it differently and said Trey Songz would be my name and started drawing up all these logos. Everybody hated it. My mother told me it was the worst name she had ever heard. She was so against it, but it worked out. That’s one of the few times that my mother has actually been wrong.


Trey Songz in Baggage Claim


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