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Kim Kardashian was spotted carrying baby North under a green shawl as they left the funeral of Kanye West’s grandfather Portwood Williams Senior in Oklahoma on Saturday.

This is really Kim Kardashian’s first look in the public eye since the birth of her daughter two months ago, and Kim looks great! The couple took baby Nori to Oklahoma to say farewell to Portwood Williams Senior, who died at the age of 98 on August 10.

Kim dressed respectfully in all black, wearing a high necked ruffled dress and covering her arms with a long sleeved crocheted cardigan.
On her feet were natural heels, while she wore her hair loose and layered around her face.
Kim was definitely in full mommy mode as she clung to her baby daughter, holding her close against her chest, the only glimpse of Nori was her cute little feet sticking out under the blanket in a tiny pair of socks that matched her blankey.

Check out more photos of Kim, Nori and Kanye below….

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