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Kendrick Lamara and Erykah Badu killed their performance of Don’t Kill My Vibe at the BET Awards 2013

There’s no denying the two have some G-G-GREAT chemistry,  the collab was somewhat of a surprise and definitely one of the BEST performances of the night! On stage Kendrick treated Erykah like she was his boo thang …..acting as if Erykah was date for the night..he even ended the song by walking her to her front door….holding hands.

We all know Erykah Badu loves her some lyricist …*coughs* Common, Andre 3000.. J Electronica…need I say anymore?!  When we saw the two HOLDING HANDS during their performance….are spidey senses were tingling… furthermore why in the hell would Kendrick lamar MISS ACCEPTING HIS BET AWARD?!!

Rumor mill has it the two were too busy with each other backstage ….what do you think?! Is all this adding up to a NEW COUPLE ALERT?!

You be the judge and watch Kendrick Lamar and Erykah badu in action below….on stage that is!


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