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Oooh Weee, That must hurt of hurt…..

Kanye West sported a nasty-looking KNOT on his forehead today…..remnants of his accident from yesterday when he walked right into a metal sign that said “CAUTION” ..oooooh the irony!!

As he left Kim Kardashian‘s house today in Los Angeles, (who should’ve warned him of the pole) you couldn’t help but notice the knot on his head or his grim attitude.  The 35-year-old rapper just looked plain ole’ grumpy as he failed to lift his head up AGAIN for any pictures….luckily this time he didn’t run into any more metal poles.


Kanye obviously doesn’t have a sense of humor because he failed to laugh at himself after the incident instead he SCREAMED on the paparazzi trying to film him, making himself look even more LAME after his THREE STOOGES moment.

Later that day….he still wasn’t over the accident…the next time he saw the paps he almost ATTACKED the dude in the streets! Don’t believe us, check out the video below and see for yourself and while you’re there, check out more photos of Kanye’s head knotted up!

kanye-head kanye kanye-west-runs-into-pole kanye-west-head-bump

kanye-head-hurts kanye-head-bump-pole


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