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Chris Brown is turning his Hollywood Hills mansion into a HAUNTED House!

It really sounds like this relationship break-up is taking a toll on Breezy, Rihanna please come back!!

Well for whatever reason, Chris brown decided to paint graffiti murals on ALL the front walls of his exclusive Hollywood hills mansion.

chris-brown-graffiti-tmz-wm-3ummm…pause! Did Chris forget where he lives?! There is no way his swanky neighbors are going to put up with graffiti covered walls in their neighborhood.. smh, you are not in the ghetto!

Of course it didn’t take long for his neighbors to complain, Chris has been cited for having the “unpermitted and excessive signage” outside his home.

Breezy was only charged $376.32 for the City to come out and inspect his home and the bill will soon increase to $1200 if Chris doesn’t pay within the 30 day notice!

That’s NOT much of an incentive to get the ball rolling, so we predict Chris won’t be doing anything anytime soon….$1200 dollars is chump change for him!

What do you think?! Will Chris settle the balance and re paint his home accordingly?

Leave your comments below and check out more photos of his work…

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