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Wait! But she’s not a big booty stripper……

According to Kat Dennings she calls it a “non-date” while spilling the beans to Chelsea Handler on the Chelsea Lately last night, but if you ask me, a dinner date is a date..whether it was over sushi or not, sooo with that being said, Kat talks about how she was overwhelmed by Drake’s security guards that followed them all night:

“I was overwhelmed with the amount of security. I feel like it’s different with Drake though. …I feel like I would die. Some Twitter person is like watching my tweets to see where I’m going.”

Kat admits that she was harassed by members of Drake’s twitter following, so there are probably all sorts of crazy people who are threats to Drake’s safety.I rather be safe than sorry, Amanda Bynes could jump out of nowhere and take Drake down! lol I bet this date slipped under her nose too!

Check out Kat Dennings on Chelsea Lately below…


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