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A lot of shade gets thrown on our girl Kim for all of her seemingly crazy, out there antics and that growing stomach of hers. But, we’ve never heard of anything crazier than getting on a pregnant woman about her belly -That has to be some type of oxymoron, right? Oh well, the girl is rocking her baby bump and we have the pictures to prove it. We see her downing that ice cream, putting on those healthy pounds and its encouraging to watch her do it in style.

This is one woman who could never be dressed down. From body hugging pencil skirts to pant suits and maxi dresses; Even in sweats this doll is perfection despite what tabloids and the non-believers may say. If you’re hating, you’re just secretly wishing! Here’s a look at some of our favorite fit picks of the Mrs. Soon To Be West.

We’ve never seen a more fashionable unborn child, have you?

Check out more photos below….

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