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Ray J‘s new music video for “I Hit It First” is finally here …..

and Ray J is definitely dissing Kim Kardashian to the FULLEST EXTENT!! I have to admit it….when I first saw the picture above….I thought it was Kim and Kanye at a glance, lmao!!!

But there’s all kinds of Kim Kardashian references throughout the whole video. There’s a Kim Kardashian look-alike as the lead chick of course, who re-enacts the couple’s relationship and the infamous sex tape.

But Ray J doesn’t stop just there, just in case you still don’t believe he’s talking about KK, at the end of video he shows the girl being followed around by reality tv show cameras on the F network…not E, lol!He still went a little further and threw a shot at Kanye in the music video too.

Can’t lie the song is catchy and the video is hilarious…Think he’s got a summer jam with this one!

Check out the ‘I Hit it First’ Video below….


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