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Don’t mess with the Princess…..

Kate Middleton will soon get a little revenge for her topless photo regret. Two people are currently being investigated for publishing the topless photos last year and face breach of privacy charges!

Investigators are still trying to determine who is the culprit, but one things for sure photographer Valerie Suau is guilty of snapping the infamous pics of Prince William’s wife sunbathing — partially naked — at a French chateau.

A source told the paper that Suau, who works for the regional paper La Provence, is “not concerned” about the charge and admits to taking the bathing suit pics, but not the topless ones.

The second person charged is Ernesto Mauri, the CEO of Mondadori, the company responsible for publishing Closer in France.

Today reports that French officials will now be able to interrogate Mauri, Suau, and Auburtin about the photos. French judges will then decide whether or not to call a trial. If there is not enough evidence the charged will be dropped.

These photographers are ruthless! What do you feel should be the punishment if convicted….a petty fine or JAIL TIME?!

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