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K.Michelle is letting everyone in on her hoe-ish ways…

I Just Wanna F*ck” music video is K.Michelle uncut….”I’m really raunchy ya’ll” says K.Michelle in the behind the scenes footage of her new music video dressed in all white. lol, peep the irony!

K.Michelle wastes no time in letting a guy know exactly what she wants from him…SEX point blank period! Check out some of the sexually forward lines below:

I just want you to drop your pants to the floor….

I know this ain’t lady like…and you can tell your friends…

I don’t give a damn I’mma be alright….

damn i love my life…

Tomorrow, she will be releasing the new video for her single, “I Just Wanna F***” and judging from the lyrics, the song focuses on just what the title says….”I Just Wanna F*ck” and nothing more!

Check out the daring music video below….

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 11.36.24 PM



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