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Don’t Kanye and Jay-z look so happy to see each other…..

Awwwwe, Its kinda refreshing to see the brotherly love after Kanye West publicly dissed his mentor Jay for his latest single with Justin Timberlake, “Suit & Tie”.

Funny thing is Justin Timberlake was the one who shot back at Kaye during his “SNL” performance saying his single is so hot got ‘rappers actin dramatic’…. maybe Jigga man gave Timberlake that line,  but Jay never publicly said anything!

One things for sure, Jay-Z definitely had him smiling from ear to ear…hopefully Kim does the same thing! Check out more photos of Kim and Kanye in the same day below…..

jay-z-kanye-hug kanye-jayz-hug-kiss kanye-west-jay-z-masonic-illuminati-hand-shake jayz-kanye-west-no-beef Kanye+West+meets+Jay+Z+after+wrapping+up+shopping Kanye+West+meets+Jay+Z+after+wrapping+up+shopping+with+kim+kardashian

kim-knaye-nyc-shopping-pregnant kim-and-kanye


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