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If you thought Kris Humphries was the only HUMP Kim Kardashian had to get over this week, THINK AGAIN!

Kim’s Ex-boyfriend and Singer Ray J is shooting the I HIT IT FIRSTmusic video right now as we speak in a Hollywood Hills Mansion.

As usual, Ray J has a ton of beautiful ladies in the music video, but you can’t help notice that there’s one particular female that is blurred out….and even with blurred vision

you can tell her silhoutte looks like a certain somebody *coughs* Kim Kardashian!

Yes…that’s right just as we suspected, Ray J’s leading lady in the music video is a Kim Kardashian look-alike.

We told you so!

Ray J has yet to admit that the song is about KK..who he also wrote about in his book, ‘Death Of A Cheating Man‘ but we all know the truth, whether he admits it or not!

See the first behind the scenes look at the “I Hit It First” video shoot below….


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