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Kim Kardashian is officially a single lady…

Today a judge granted her whats she’s been asking for over the past 536 days, A DIVORCE!

And all Kris Humphries bitterness and resentment towards Kim landed him with nada, zilch, absolutely nothing but a big fat attorney bill!

Was it really worth it Kris?! This will probably go down in history as one of the most expensive lesson learned. Holding grudges doesn’t pay…it costs!

Sources close to the situation tell us Khris Humphries demand for $7million was not fullfilled neither was his request for an annulment.

Each respective party will be responsible for their own attorney fees, so it sounds like a fair win for Kim Kardashian.

Yeezy on the other hand was NOWHERE to be found! Is that why Kim looked so grim on her victorious day..or was she coming down on herself for her past decision.

Who knows, but you would think Kanye would be by his woman’s side in celebration to move forward with their lives, but he’s been absent since February due to work. (good excuse)

What does this mean for their relationship… Is Marriage in the cards for these two?

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