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Is Rihanna Pregnant???

We couldn’t help but think about Rihanna’s ‘unknown medical illness’ as a disguise to buy more time if she is indeed preggers!

We sure hope not tho….with her rock star partyin’ lifestyle, her baby would definitely be a little ri ri…but seriously now that her and Chris Brown are back together its a definite possibility.

The pop star was seen coming out of the infamous medical building on Bedford Dr. in Bev Hills Today … and said  she’s doing a lot better, but that still doesn’t rule out the possibility of her being pregnant. Rihanna has CANCELLED 4 concert dates on her Diamonds World Tour thus far which started March 8. Sources connected to the singer told us Rihanna’s suffering from a mild case of Laryngitis…but come on its been  more than a month now and there are clearly still issues. But we don’t believe ‘em! what do you think? Leave your comments below….. rihanna-looks-pregnant-2013-chris-brown-knocked-her-up


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