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Is Janet Jackson embarrassed by her family….

We must admit it…if we were Janet, we too would be embarrassed of the plastic Jackson Clan! Janet seems to be the only normal looking one left.

Last week we told you, You’ll NEVER see Janet’s tittays on display again, she’s not only off the market but she’s turned Muslim! So expect to see her covered up from head to toe in sheets with scarves wrapped around her neck….Unless she’s some sorta new age Muslim, but judging from her turtle neck and all black ensemble below which shows no skin but her face and hands, I highly doubt it! *shrugs*

You can thank her new billionaire husband, Wissam Al Mana. He is Muslim and helped to convert Janet to Islam.


Just this year, Wissam al Mana and Janet Al Mana came clean about their secret marriage last year when rumors surfaced this year of an impending wedding date…. I guess Muslims don’t take lying so seriously.

Janet not only held the wedding news from the media but also held the news from her family. Janet’s sister LaToya Jackson confirmed that Mrs. Al Mana didn’t’ call, email, or send a message in a bottle to notify her or the rest of her family of the secret ceremony.

“I didn’t know Jan was married until I heard about it through the media. Most of the family members, no one really knew. You would be surprised how you find out things through the media,” said the former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant.

C’mon…any big sister would want to be included in their baby sisters wedding,  but LaToya further responded to clear up the air, that she and the family have no bad feelings toward Janet, and understand her reasoning for being so secretive.

“It didn’t bother me because I know that in my family a lot of times you keep things private because you don’t want anyone to know if you’re married…Nobody knew,” she said.

Good Job Janet….you did it! Now lets hope Mr. Al Mana isn’t into polygamy…under his religion he is allowed to have 4 wives! Luckily, only a sI would advise Wissam to watch Janet’s character in Tyler Perry’s Film ‘Why Did I Get Married’ if he even considers steppin out…I guarantee you a little crazy will come out just like it did in that character.


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