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Flavor Flav‘ is back on reality tv ya’ll…..

Are you ready?! Well, ready or not here he comes and he’s back with one of his baby mama’s who is just as crazy as he is!

Liz Trujillos, Flav’s baby mama and now fiancee will appear on VH1‘s “Couple Therapy” to apparently get sum much need child support help with their relationship.

Today it was reported, Liz was hospitalized after O’ding on prescription drugs. Sources connected with the show tell TMZ  the OD was accidental and not a suicide attempt.  We’re told she was “acting strange” and it became apparent “she took too many pills.”

The 39-year-old woman was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she remains although we’re told she’ll be released soon.

Lord have mercy, Flav is back on television! Expect to see another spin off to come from their dysfunctional lives and relationship….




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