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Nickelodeon stars gone WILD…..

Remember Amanda Bynes, you know the sweet and innocent little girl from Nickelodeon’s show ‘All that’? Well, she’s not so sweet and innocent anymore, she has been going on a twitter rant, professing her love  OBSESSION for rapper Drizzy Drake.

The girl is begging for Drake to give her the D! I She hasn’t been able to contain herself on twitter to say the least. What Amanda said in a tweet last night was … “I want Drake to murder my vagina.” Don’t believe us,

See the tweet below…..


MAN! I thought it was bad when Tatyana Ali was begging for Drake to give it to her but then again it also worked for Tati….so I’m sure Amanda took note, hence the very straight to the point tweet!

Wonder how Drake will respond to Amanda, who is now 26 years old. Ever since Nickelodeon, the child hood star has been in quite a bit of trouble with DUI’s, hit and run charges and she has now left Hollywood for NYC.

Drake has yet to respond to Amanda’s offer, but I got the feeling he’s not the violent type….lol

What do you think? Will Drake take her up on her offer? Leave your comments below….

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