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Will Chili and Usher get back together?

TLC’s “Chilli” (Rozanda Thomas) stopped by the Wendy Williams show to let us all in on what’s next for her in entertainment!

During her interview with Wendy, Chili talked about the last time we saw her on tv in “What Chilli wants”. She explained her purpose for the show was not only for entertainment but to show women of color that its okay to spice things up and date men of different races. Since Wendy was discussing her love life, she didn’t hesitate to ask about her past lover, Usher!

When asked if se was still in touch with him, Chili said:

We’re friends. We did have a good relationship. As every relationship, you have your issues but I kind of think it was the wrong timing.

Uh oh, i don’t know about you but it sounds like she still isn’t over Usher. However, when Wendy asked if she would ever consider rekindling the romance they once had she replied:

*mocking Sweet Brown* I think somebody needs to give me a cold pop!  Ain’t Nobody got time for that.

Chilli’s impression was hilarious but caught Wendy by surprise! She had no idea who Chili was mocking, yet Chili went on to talk more about her love life, her past with Usher and a new TLC biopic that will air on VH1 very soon. Chilli shared how weird it is to cast yourself,

Finding someone and seeing their impression of you. We did not want famous girls to play the three of us, we want fresh faces.

Check out the full interview below…


Also check out Sweet brown on the news below…


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