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Christina Aguilera never lets an audience down!

The 2013 People’s Choice Awards was in full affect with a very emotional rendition of ‘Blank Page’.

The ‘Lotus’ singer took center stage in a white blazer as she captured the audience with her bluesy tone and backing piano. The mood was set just right with a stage full of white candles to get you caught up in the moment. Apparently Christina was too, as you can hear the singer get choked up a bit in the beginning of the song… however, being the PRO that she is, Christina landed as solid as a ROCK by the end of the song!

Its great to see a singer be passionate about the lyrics that they sing…way to go Christina! Afterwards, Josh Duhamel came right out to present Xtina with ‘The People’s Voice Award’.

Click below for a stellar performance of ‘Blank Page’ by Christina Aguilera…..


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