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Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin host the WILDEST 2013 new Year’s Eve TV Show

If you were watching CNN Live with hosts Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin NYE 2013, you got an eye full! I bet you money that the next time Anderson Cooper is asked to host with comedian Kathy Griffin he will think twice about it.

It all started when Cooper talked about how many times he giggled nervously throughout hosting the show and Kathy being the crazy comedian that she is retorted with a funny remark ” I’m gonna tickle your sack”.  Nervously, Anderson Cooper replied after a laugh, “um….i don’t know what your talking about…I have no sack of gifts“. Kathy then says “did you call your private parts your christmas presents, really? thats typical hot guy….let’s open up the christmas presents!

Trying to keep the show rolling, Cooper then turns it over to a correspondent in Eastport, Maine asking him “how did the sardine drop go?”  The correspondent responds, “from kissing the sardine in eastport, maine its 2013 here, in Canada one mile away its also 2013 this is a dual celebration two time zones two countries, Canada & maine”.  Kathy then bends down to kiss his crotch area for the first time, then goes back to kiss his private area again and Cooper tries his best to keep her up right, but Kathy continues to go down on her knees to “kiss the sardine”.

Cooper was clearly embarassed and didn’t know how to react, pleading her to stop. But, we ask did he really want her to stop? Is this enough to turn a gay man straight? You be the judge…..Click to watch the hilarious video below….


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