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Today, Chris Brown unleashed a new music video for his latest single, “Don’t Judge Me”.

In the film, you find Chris leaving his girl at home to sacrifice his life for his country as he tells her what the song title says.

As the love ballad continues he sings about the rumors that have haunted their relationship in the press. He leaves his girl on the couch and heads out to a military base to prepare for mission suicide.

His mind was made up that he has to do this “for his country and his planet” as he takes off into space in a shuttle heading towards a alien ship that is very close to earth. Chris Brown ultimately destroys the ship by crashing into it, immediately burning up after the crash.

He leaves behind the woman on the couch that could be seems to be symbolic for his ex Rihanna, as the song continually asks for forgiveness for his past. It could just as well be symbolic of his current girlfriend Karrueche Tran….but who knows!

Check out the action packed music video below….


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