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Wow! I am totally in shock.

Jeremy Lin leaves the NY Knicks and signs a 3yr deal with the Houston Rockets. I am one all for the Jeremy Lin story. I loved seeing the undrafted Asian American baller, who was the last man on the Knicks bench, rise to fame after scoring over 20+ points in multiple consecutive games. It was a great story for the underdog, however that story took quite a turn once Mike D’antoni was fired and new coach Mike Woodson was hired.

First Jeremy Lin’s production began to drop off, then he mysteriously had an injury which was to keep him out until the playoffs. Once the playoffs came and the Knicks needed him most he decided to sit out rather than help the Knicks try to win the series vs the Miami Heat. What better way to finish his cinderella season than to come back from injury and help the Knicks win against a power team like the Heat. Lin was quoted as saying he was about 85-90% ready to play in the playoffs, however he decided not to come back and help the Knicks.

The basketball fan in me was devasted by Lin’s decision not to come back for the playoffs when his teammates needed him most. The business side of me said this was the greatest decision he could ever make.

Lin’s worst game of the season came right before the allstar break against the same Miami Heat, in which he could barely get the ball up court or attempt a shot. But that was just one game you could easily chalk up as a bad night right? Maybe not! Maybe Lin and his agent knew that had Jeremy played against the Heat in the playoffs on the biggest stage in basketball and not lived up to the hype the Linsanity would have quickly faded, causing Lin millions of dollars in contracts and endorsements. So instead here we are, all left to think on what could have been with Jeremy Lin and the Knicks, while Jeremy Lin is sitting paid with a 3 year $26 million dollar contract from the Houston Rockets (15.5 million in year 3). WOW! Congrats Jeremy


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