CLOSET FREAK?! Kat Williams Claims Jamie Foxx is GAY, names his Boyfriend & DISSES ‘Django Unchained’

Jamie Foxx gay too??

The entertainment world is VERY, shall we say…entertaining! It seems like everyday some crazy scandal, video or rumor comes out giving us a different outlook on some of our favorite stars. Well, sit down for this one because it might throw you for a loop, Comedian Katt Williams slammed actor and fellow comedian Jamie Foxx during a recent stand-up gig in California, alleging that the actor is secretly gay.

On top of that Katt even goes as far as naming Foxx secret lover, who he says happens to be the only artist on Jamie Foxx record label. But, Katt didn’t stop just there, he continued his rant about Foxx by dissing him for taking the lead role in ‘Django Unchained’.

F**k Jamie Foxx and the ‘Django Unchained’ check he cashed,” he said. Adding, “They offered me the script and I said, ‘Any n***a that do this deserves to die. And the next thing I heard, Jamie Foxx was in makeup.

Whelp, its pretty obvious Katt is disgusted with Jamie Foxx but why did he decide to just put him out on front street like this? Maybe you guys can help me out on this one! Do you think Jamie Foxx is gay? Furthermore is Jamie wrong for taking a role in the racially-challenged flick “Django Unchained” where he was called the N word more than 100 times?

Leave your comments below!

Katt Williams Stand Up Comedy Talks Jamie Foxx Gay

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